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IRC Awarded a Phase 1 Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) Award from TEDCO

The MII is Maryland’s premier early-stage technology transfer and commercialization program. Established in 2012, it is a collaboration between the State of Maryland; Johns Hopkins University; Morgan State University; the University of Maryland, College Park; the University of Maryland, Baltimore; and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Within the nine-month grant period, the IRC will further develop its REVLR technology and ultimately spin out a company to develop the product for impact. REVLR is an integrated set of data visualization and system modeling tools for immersive 3D environments such as VR (virtual reality). It increases the speed, breadth, and depth of data analysis, and greatly improves the reliability of modeling complex dynamic systems, to improve both the rate and quality of decision making for businesses and other organizations.

REVLR radically disrupts the norm of information systems from books to networked mobile devices because instead of revealing points and concepts one or a few at a time, REVLR maximizes how much can be seen and understood at once. Instead of isolating data visualization from conceptual or computational modeling, REVLR unites them in a single unified space where quantitative and qualitative data, ideas, assumptions and AI output can all be visually linked to comprehensive models of complex challenges, systems, processes, and operations. Think: business ecosystems, macroeconomics, or healthcare. Further, REVLR improves the accuracy of modeling of current situations and of testing “what if” scenarios for strategy building.

The MII funding will be used to complete an alpha version of RELVR that can be tested with an external collaborating organization. Knowledge gained will be integrated with findings from the proposed market research and customer discovery to determine the best initial target customers and the minimum viable REVLR product and feature set.