Life Cycles of Hurricanes

Electronic Textbook Pilot Project

The Life Cycles of Hurricanes was a project directed by David Stroud and Dr. Jeffrey Halverson from UMBC JCET and GEST Centers. It was produced in partnership with the IRC in the fall of 2008. Funded by a research grant from Prentice Hall Publishing through Pearson Publishing, the goal was to produce one section of an “Electronic Textbook” that effectively visualized the processes governing hurricane generation. This pilot initiative aims to develop a model of non-linear, web-based learning, reflecting the growing presence of multimedia within education.

Dr. Halverson’s research into the life cycle of hurricanes was integral to the development of this initiative. His detailed storyboards, derived from multiple satellite and earth-based sensors, provided an empirical foundation on which to build. IRC Technical Director Eric Smallwood was tasked with developing an aesthetic style that not only reflected the data but also was visually appealing to younger audiences. The resulting media, along with other relevant material, was nested within an interactive framework developed by David Stroud, to be made available online as a resource for earth science study.

Production Notes

IRC Technical Director and Animator: Eric Smallwood
Producer, Director and Programmer: David Stroud UMBC/GEST
Science Advisor, Co-producer: Dr. Jeffrey Halverson UMBC/JCET
Video Production: Bill Shewbridge, New Media Studio, UMBC
Client: Dan Kaveney, Pearson Publishing

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