UMBC 40th Anniversary

In honor of UMBC’s 40th Anniversary in 2006, the IRC produced hand-drawn blueprint-style animations of the campus being built. These animations were included in a promotional video as well as screened outdoors at night as part of the campus celebration.

The animations utilized 3D models of the campus buildings that became templates for hand-painted lines. Each building required that thousands of individually drawn lines be animated separately to have the building rise up from the landscape.

Additionally, the IRC produced a simulated fireworks display over the Albin O. Kuhn Library. The fireworks were uniquely programmed using the Mel Scripting Language in Maya. This firework animation was used both electronically and in print for UMBC’s official holiday greeting card.

UMBC 40th Anniversary from ircumbc on Vimeo.

Production Notes

Animation Director: Ryan Zuber
UMBC Interns for Building Animation: Irene Colorado and Darrell Elcock
UMBC Intern for Fireworks: Tim Wang

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