The IRC worked with Interactive Children’s Television (ICTV) to develop a 3-D animated character for the educational children’s show, It’s KinderTime. The show was broadcast locally on Saturday mornings on WMAR and music, performance, dance, and guest artists. It was hosted by local Emmy Award-winning John Taylor, a.k.a. The Kinderman.KinderCat follows the KinderMan’s lead, providing the show’s elementary-age audience with a positive, enthusiastic role model who emanates pre-teen cool.

Character Development and Animation

Alan Price, IRC Associate Director, worked with show producer/director Pete O’Neal, who also provides KC’s voice, to design a hip, fresh character who would be appealing to a diverse, multi-cultural audience. Price then worked with students in the IRC internship to produce the show’s animated sequences at a pace that would accommodate its brisk production schedule. To animate KinderCat, the IRC combined keyframe animation with motion-capture data. The motion-capture data was recorded in collaboration with UMBC’s Computer Science Department.

Production Notes

Television Show: It’s KinderTime, WMAR Channel 2, Baltimore
Client: Pete O’Neal, Interactive Children’s Television
Character Design and Animation: Alan Price
UMBC Interns: Tim Best, Erik Dillinger, Alexsey Zolotaryov