I2 Immersive Professional Development

In 2007, Cyberinfrastructure for Immersive Professional Development (CI) developed tools and models for science teachers of grades 5-8 using the immersive capabilities of Internet2. In particular, the project supported teachers’ curricula by providing access to authentic earth science data, resources, and expertise. The project directly meets NSF Grand Challenge 3 by infusing methodologies enabled by cyberinfrastructure in K-12 education; thus permitting new and powerful ways of working with large data sets, modeling processes, and sharing resources.

This pilot test of the technology was conducted using an Internet connection between the IRC and the Franklin Institute Museum of Science in Philadelphia. Professor Jeff Halverson, a hurricane scientist with JCET at UMBC, worked virtually with a group of educators at the Franklin Museum. High-definition visualizations based on new models of developing hurricanes were streamed live as Professor Halverson explained the process. Discussions between the educators and Professor Halverson about the material happened in real-time throughout the workshop.

Production Notes

Project Director: David Stroud, NASA/Goddard
Education Director: Karen Elinich, Franklin Institute
Hurricane Specialist: Professor Jeff Halverson, JCET/UMBC
IRC Director: Dan Bailey
Institutional Support: GFSC Office of Education, GEST/UMBC
Broadcast Support: Bill Shewbridge, New Media Studio, UMBC